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Level 2 Online Certification Course

This purchase includes full access to our level 1 course. You can find the course syllabus for each courses below.

Lvl 1 & 2 Online Course & Examination


Level 2 Syllabus

  • NOM legislation chronology – how the regulation has evolved from its beginnings to the present days
  • Authorized Producer – the prerequisites to become a tequila producer
  • CRT – the role and responsibilities of the regulator body of the tequila industry
  • Categories and Classifications advanced – getting deep into the regulation to categorize and classify tequila
  • Agave tequilana Weber variedad azul – origins, cultivation and harvesting practices
  • Hydrolysis and Extraction – Modern vs traditional tequila production processes
  • Fermentation – formulation, types of yeasts, wild fermentation, vessels, Brix, other parameters
  • Distillation – pot stills vs column stills, other distillation techniques
  • Laboratory Analysis – analyzing the different molecules, their roles and their legal limitations
  • Resting, Stabilization & Aging of tequila – the stabilization and oxygenation of tequila and the aging process
  • Filtration techniques – introducing the various techniques producers use to filter their products
  • Mellowing – adding natural additives to soften the flavor of aged tequilas
  • Water Dilution – adding water to the tequila to adjust its alcohol level
  • Blending, Marriage – single-distillery & inter-distillery blending of tequila products
  • Bottling – special rules for bottling and labeling tequila bottles
  • Waste Management – waste generated by the industry and the ways to recycle it

Level 1 Syllabus

  • Denomination of Origin – states & regulations
  • NOM Number
  • Classifications – blanco, joven, reposado, añejo, extra añejo
  • Categories – Tequila, 100% agave
  • Misc. Labeling items – Alcohol by Volume, Net Quantity​
  •  The basic steps of traditional tequila production – jima, hydrolysis(cooking), extraction, fermentation, distillation
  • Production tools – brick oven, autoclave, tahona, roller mill, diffuser, pot still, column still
  • Basic agave facts – maturation time, agave tequilana
  • Tequila Service basics: expiry, effect of oxygen, vessel, serving temperature
  • The systematic approach to tequila tasting
  • Debunking tequila myths: tequila worm, cactus/agave, salt and lime, the darker the better, hangover etc.
  • Cristalino, Flavored, Mixto tequilas explained
  • Tequila as Mezcal – common roots, similarities, differences

Lvl 2 - Conocedor de Tequila

Purchase includes level 1 online certification course & examination