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Lvl 1 CertTequila Course & Examination



  • Denomination of Origin – states & regulations
  • NOM Number
  • Classifications – blanco, joven, reposado, añejo, extra añejo
  • Categories – Tequila, 100% agave
  • Misc. Labeling items – Alcohol by Volume, Net Quantity​
  •  The basic steps of traditional tequila production – jima, hydrolysis(cooking), extraction, fermentation, distillation
  • Production tools – brick oven, autoclave, tahona, roller mill, diffuser, pot still, column still
  • Basic agave facts – maturation time, agave tequilana
  • Tequila Service basics: expiry, effect of oxygen, vessel, serving temperature
  • The systematic approach to tequila tasting
  • Debunking tequila myths: tequila worm, cactus/agave, salt and lime, the darker the better, hangover etc.
  • Cristalino, Flavored, Mixto tequilas explained
  • Tequila as Mezcal – common roots, similarities, differences
  • Browsing tequilas by using the Tequila Matchmaker


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Lvl 1 - Certificate in Tequila

Purchase includes level 1 online certification course & examination


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Is this a subscription based program?

No, there is a one-time fee only to get a lifetime access.

Is there a time limit to complete the exam?

Unlike some other programs, we do not impose any time limits for completion, so our students can study at their own pace.

I have no prior tequila knowledge, can I do this course?

No prior knowledge is needed. The course is structured in a way to get you from 0 knowledge to become a professional!

What are the start times for the courses?

Students can get started immediately – watch the videos, read the text, do the quizzes and the final exam. No need to wait for course schedules.

Level 1 Certification Course