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Are you not entirely sure if the bottle you are about to buy is any good? Well, let us introduce you to an app that can help you with your future purchases. In this lesson we are going to talk about the Tequila Matchmaker app. This cool application provides lots of features and information that can be a great help - especially for people starting out in the world of tequila, so we decided to create this lesson to help you understand how it works. Its main functions include search by brand, NOM number, production method, rating tequilas, matchmaking, statistics and other features.

Let’s start with the search function. You can search for tequilas by brand, NOM number and type.

Let’s see how the brand search function works. You can do a quick search for any brand to see how people rate their individual tequilas! There are two ratings, one for community members and the other is for panel members who were selected by the founders for their experience in assessing tequilas. The app also collects tasting notes from its users that can help you with food pairings. As an unofficial rule of thumb, ratings below 70 are for tequilas not recommended by most users, between 70 and 80 is the range for average quality, less complex tequilas, 80 is the rating where a tequila is considered to be good and recommended and only few tequilas seem to have 85 or higher scores which means they are excellent and highly recommended tequilas. Tequilas in the range of 90 and above are usually very unique, exceptional tequilas, typically very small batches or single barrels  and they come with the highest recommendations.
Some tequilas have a few ratings, others have 1000s of ratings, so it is always worth to check how many ratings each tequila have received as more ratings typically give a more accurate rank. We all have our unique palate so use this information with care and understanding that you may not like some of the recommended tequilas. It is also worth mentioning that the creators put a great deal into gathering the officially stated production methods too for brands. Feel free to check if the tequila was produced with tahona, roller mill, brick oven, autoclave or with the modern production method referred to as “diffuser” then compare the effect on the taste of these various production methods!

Do you remember our lesson about NOM number? We used the Tequila Matchmaker app there and for a good reason. Currently the easiest way to quickly look at a NOM number and see all tequilas that belong there is by this tool. Not only does it list the active brands, It also lists brands that were previously produced under the particular registration number. And on top of this, it lists other NOM numbers connected to the same distillery, which we used to realize that celebrity tequilas like that of George Clooney’s and Dwayne Johnson’s were essentially made by the same producer.

Would you like to try a triple distilled tequila or perhaps you are looking for a tequila that is tahona crushed? The web version accessible through the website tequilamatchmaker.com gives you this option. Just simply click on “Types” at the menu, select “All” or a specific classification and then you will be able to find the filters on the left hand side of the screen. Happy browsing!

You can join the other tequila fans and start rating tequilas! For this feature you’ll need the app version, then find and select the tequila you would like to rate. Just simply tap on the “rate” icon and let the fun begin! Notice how the face in the middle and the text below starts to change as you adjust the slider to further help you select the right score. There are four sliders representing aroma, flavor, finish and value, then you will be asked if you would be happy to drink the tequila again or if you would recommend it to your friend. Then you will get to the summary screen where you can make some final adjustments if you feel the score is too high or low. The last part is your opportunity to leave comments. Leaving comments can help others understand your rating and if you even leave tasting notes, the app will collect this data for you and will tell you which aromas do you prefer in a tequila and will make suggestions for tequilas with these aromas to try. In the same screen you have the option to make your rating private which is a great feature allowing you to rate tequilas even if you are a brand ambassador or would rather keep your opinion private for any other reasons.

According to the creators, a lot of people thought that tequila matchmaking was actually finding a date with a mutual interest in tequila. While it is not impossible to find a date partner based on commonly shared interests which in this case would be tequila, the “matchmaking” refers to finding the best tequilas matching your profile. After rating at least 4 tequilas with the app, it will give you recommendations based on your ratings. The app has many useful statistics too like which flavors you like the most in a tequila, personal average ratings for certain extraction, hydrolysis, distillation methods and  by region.

There are some other cool features like searching for nearby tequila stores, following other users, you can like tequilas and producers, you can earn badges with various activities and display them and the app is constantly evolving. The creators love tequila and they try and give the best experience to their users. And it is not just us recommending - producers and tequila enthusiasts seem to agree based on our interviews that this is a tool that can help you grow and understand tequilas better, especially when starting out. Check out the topic below to see our interview with the founders - Scarlet and Grover.