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What Our Students Have to Say

The Course was great, rather quick to get through, informative, and fun! I am more than happy with your program for I have finished the course with more knowledge on Tequila and Mezcal than I started with.Along with the great amount of information on how Tequila is made, marketed, branded, and sold I now have a better understanding on it's Origin and how it came into fruition. The Course taught me things that most people would not talk about like: proper glassware, proper drinking techniques that enhance flavor profiles, and the styles of Tequila based on their aging process and distillation. What I liked most about this course was the interactive pictures and videos posted up on each chapter. You can tell the creators of this Program are passionate about Tequila and it's Ancestry. Well done.
Aspyn Walling
From Las Vegas, USA
In the past few years I have come to really like tequila for its taste, tradition and culture.  I have visited the town of Tequila, Jalisco and learned a little. That is what prompted me to want to learn more and deepen my knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of this agave spirit. The International Tequila Academy did all that for me and more. What I learned has helped me to be a better shopper of tequila and the most fun has been sharing what I have learned in the course thus far.  The course itself was educational, professional and very interesting as presented by the maestro Adam Fodor.  I recommend this course for anyone who wants to go deeper into why tequila is not only a beverage to share with others, but how it is tied to the history and culture of the Mexican people and globally. 
Beatriz Sarmiento
From California, USA
The level 1 course is a great entrance in the tequila world. Very friendly and easy-going course, it clarified the various of the spirit, the manufacture progress and the legal system. It also has tasting advise and tips for the glasses. If you want to deal more professional with the Tequila it is a great beginning.
Michail Fytousis
From Attica, Greece
Brilliant... International Tequila Academy created a fantastic program. The design of the course is laid out to ensure accessibility and it flows easily from start to finish.  I found the bonus material both fun and challenging enough to evoke even more of my tequila curiosity (as if I needed more ... lol). 
Chris Haro
From California, USA

Frequently asked questions

For a One-time Fee you will get lifetime access for the specified course. In case of buying our level 2 course, the level 1 course is added as a bonus.

Our level 2 course only comes in a bundle with level 1 as it is a strict prerequisite for it. You can get level 1 first and later buy the level 2 course, however you will lose out on its bundle bonus.

No prior knowledge is needed. The course is structured in a way to get you from 0 knowledge to the top of the game!

We offer 3 levels of certification courses – CertTequila (Certified in Tequila), Conocedor and Sommelier. These are awarded upon completion of the Final Exam of each relevant course.

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