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What Our Students Say about our Courses

" I've never gone through programs like these where I would spend the whole day on the computer wanting to learn more about a topic."
Tammy Chapman
From British Columbia, Canada
"ITA's course is a neutral and accurate compass for navigating the world of tequila"
Akiyoshi Maeta
From Tokyo, Japan
"What I liked most about this course was the interactive pictures and videos posted up on each chapter. Well done."
Aspyn Walling
From Las Vegas NV, USA
"It’s all thanks to these courses that I continue to be addicted to inform myself of everything Tequila related!"
Alfonso Leon
From South Carolina, USA
"Easy to follow lessons and material even if English is not your main language."
Daniel Jovanovic
From Norrköppen, Sweden
"The International Tequila Academy has been a great resource for diving into all aspects of Tequila."
Nate Darnell
From Alabama, USA
"I came to ITA with very limited knowledge of Tequila and left Level 2 with the confidence that I can carry a conversation with even the most knowledgeable individuals."
Sam Moore
From Colorado, USA
"I was not sure how much more I could learn from a level 1 course, but boy I was wrong! The attention to detail and the passion that has been put into this course is exceptional!"
Rudy Tryon
From Durban, South Africa
"Very friendly and easy-going course, it clarified the various of the spirit, the manufacture progress and the legal system. "
Michail Fytousis
From Attica, Greece
"Brilliant... The design of the course is laid out to ensure accessibility and it flows easily from start to finish."
Chris Haro
From California, USA

Frequently asked questions

For a One-time Fee you will get lifetime access for the specified course. In case of buying our level 2 course, the level 1 course is added as a bonus.

Our level 2 course only comes in a bundle with level 1 as it is a strict prerequisite for it. You can get level 1 first and later buy the level 2 course, however you will lose out on its bundle bonus.

No prior knowledge is needed. The course is structured in a way to get you from 0 knowledge to the top of the game!

We offer 3 levels of certification courses – CertTequila (Certified in Tequila), Conocedor and Sommelier. These are awarded upon completion of the Final Exam of each relevant course.

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